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weddings | classic image photography
the approach
Your wedding album is your only permanent reminder of your special day. The car drives off, the cake is eaten, the dress—well you may keep it, but you cannot wear it shopping—but your wedding album endures beyond all of these. With the exception of each of you it is the only thing that outlasts the wedding day.

In exercising his artistic control and input, Daemon creates an album full of images that capture the moments and events of the day and that sum up the emotions of the happy couple in a timeless and classic style. Whilst every effort is made to record important ‘family pictures’ - most time is devoted to recording the couple in natural, relaxed poses - poses that say something real about you, the couple, and you depth of feeling for each other.

To achieve this, locations can be key. With this in mind Daemon will visit all venues proposed to be used and make a search for the best views and angles—doing so several times to check the light levels and positions, if necessary. This level of attention to detail shows through in the beautiful images he creates and the list of many happy couples he leaves in his artistic wake! Making you wedding photographs an enduring record of your feeling, commitment and love for each other.