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Preferring to work on location or in surroundings that clients of all ages feel comfortable in, Daemon works mainly outdoors, in clients homes or work places. This enables him to use the best source of lighting - natural light - in much of his work. Where studio lighting is required, a full set of professional lighting equipment can easily and quickly be set up and utilised to it's full potential in the relaxed surroundings of your home that you and your family, especially any younger members of the family, are used to and comfortable with.

Commissions vary from large family groups totalling 4 generations and 22 members down to individual portraits of new editions to the family, and the family as it grows, even couples and sibling groups, and family groups that include the beloved family pet, often seen as another member of the family - the list is long and varied.

All these different assignments are undertaken with the singular approach of trying to get the best out of the individuals being photographed, whether it be for the latest family portrait hanging in the home to the company Directors' profile in an annual report. Every one is different and has different feelings about being in front of the camera, so every attempt is made to relax all involved and to build up a rapport so that any nerves dissolve and, rather than being anxious, the whole experience becomes very enjoyable.